Hi, I’m Alsenitd Rausseo, the founder of this page. Surely you are asking yourself what does Cachimanga mean? Well, nothing special, but it is the way that in our family we sometimes call money.

About me

All my life I’ve worked in the technology area, I learned to program at the age of 12 and from there I have not stopped, in fact, my first income was developing projects for students of some universities before I even finished my high school.

I am a lover of video games, especially RPG adventure games or online games to share with friends. Happily married 15 years ago and with 2 beautiful daughters, one of 8 and another of 20 who is already in college.

I want to make cachimanga

Something we surely have in common, taking into account that you are visiting my site, is that you are looking for options to generate additional incomes, whether you want ir for savings, support your partner in household expenses, pay for your studies, in other words… you are trying or you are already in the process of getting additional cachimanga.

Well, I have created this site to support you in taking the decision from the different opportunities that exist to generate additional money, dedicating the time that you consider necessary and according to what best suits your strengths. On Internet, there are many offers and promises that tell you that you can make a lot of money but not all of them are true, and there are many false ones. What they are looking for is to take advantage of the need of some and cheat them. In other words, scam you

What do I get in Cachimanga.com?

  • Recommended: These are companies that I recommend for their career and business model where it is possible to generate income online
  • Bad or fraud: These are pages or companies that have proven to be a fraud r that due to their business model makes it almost impossible to obtain income
  • Cryptocurrencies: In this section, I comment on some tips and companies associated with cryptocurrencies and how to generate income these virtual currencies
  • Marketing: This section is about advice and companies related to digital marketing, how to become an expert and generate income.

 Millionaire overnight

I think that the most important thing you should consider when trying to make online money is that the only people who get rich from one night to day without any effort, are those who win the lottery or those who inherit millions from a relative. What I mean is that is it not easy and requires your effort, but yes, it is possible to generate good income

You can leave me a comment about your expectations about Cachimanga.com or if there is a particular issue or doubt in which you need help. Do not hesitate to write me


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