How to make money with AdSense?

Making money with Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to earn money online, and it is actually very simple. The quick summary is to have a website with interesting content that generates enough traffic to show advertising.  So here I’ll show the steps to how to make money with AdSense from Google.

About Google AdSense

Google is one of those companies that need no introduction, because it is already known worldwide. But there are still many people who think that Google is just a search engine and do not know the immense machinery behind them to make money. One of Google’s business is advertising on the Internet, and this is where Google AdSense comes.

How Google AdSense works

Google offers site owners the possibility of buying advertising that is displayed on other websites (which are part of Google AdSense). This advertising is offered in different formats and sizes, and when a user clicks on an advertisement, the owner of this website earns a small commission. This method is known as “pay-per-click” (pay per click)

Another form of advertising is called “per impression”, where buyer pays for each time the banner is shown to any user, no matter what if you click or not on it. Of course the most expensive advertising and more profitable for both Google and the owners of the websites is the pay per click format.

To ear money with Google AdSense you need a website,but do not worry because it is not complicated.

How do you make money in Google AdSense?

3 main steps are to be achieved to make money with AdSense:

Step 1: Create a web page

Some people think that creating a website is difficult and very expensive, but really is not. You can even have a free website. Yes! FREE. There are many companies online that offer free web pages. Google for example can create a blog, it’s a good option to learn the basics but not recommended if you’re looking to generate long-term income.

As in many business areas, not all companies offer free websites are good. Some allow you to create the page, but not to teach you how to create good quality content and how to make your site generate an amount sufficient visits or how to make your page appear in the engines and search as Google, Yahoo and Bing, to generate more visitor traffic. You can read the article   as having a free website to learn more about some good options to create a free page.

It sounds good, so how I can create a free website quality? That company is best to create a free website? It’s easy to create a website?

To learn how to create a website with a company that offers training and advice to generate quality content and attract visits from users, you can click here.

Step 2: Generate traffic (number of users)

Without traffic, your website will be like a dry leaf in the desert. The more traffic you can generate to your website, more likely to generate profits going to have.

But how do I generate a good number of traffic? From where? Who will visit my site? As I can increase my visits? The answer is simple:

Write as much content as possible on your site. It’s content? is anything you post on your site: articles, reports, stories, product reviews or companies, gossip, gossip, jokes, whatever

Lie more content you have on your website, your site ranking will rise in the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. When people write something they are looking for, find your website and visit. This way you get what is known as “organic” or free traffic to your site.

For assistance, training and advice on how to create your content, such as selecting your keywords, and even have your free website I recommend Wealthy Affiliate

Step 3: Make Money with Google AdSense and other companies

Once you manage steps 1 and 2. It’s time to start making money with your website. In order to display ads on your website, you need to sign up for Google AdSense using the link . Alli will give you the necessary instructions so that Google knows the kind of publicity that can provide users who visit your page.

Google AdSense is a way to start earning money with your website. But there are other ways to make money such as: joining other advertising companies, selling your own products and services (if you have), generating commissions from big companies like eBay and Amazon through their affiliate programs , or turning your visitors referral and affiliate programs where you can earn commissions.  All of these techniques to make money with your website you can learn the free to join  Wealthy Affiliate .

 Is it free or have to pay?

Joining AdSense is free and you should not pay anything. Just keep in mind that join AdSense and must have a website and a certain amount of content, since Google will review your website complies with its content policies. You can see them here:…

Final opinion

Google AdSense is a reliable way to make money online but to achieve this effectively, you must have your web site and enough users who visit. This is actually a requirement for any business you want to achieve online. So we say to start with Google AdSense is basic for those who really want to make money online.

So do not hesitate, click HERE to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and start creating your free website and your training

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