Online Marketing: What you should know about it

Nowadays it is practically impossible to speak of a traditional marketing that does not involve online marketing in any way. The technology revolution floods the world, even today, grandparents have to use technology to stay in touch with their families.

The mobile phone is part of our life and for anything we need to consult, we use Google. Maybe one day we have a version of Google to look for things in our house: “hey! where are my keys”. It seems a bit crazy, but I think it may be possible.

All this means that we are also bombarded with promotions and advertisemnt everywhere and the competition to make the users see and react to that advertising is becoming stronger and harder.

If you have your own business or need to promote a company, you must be ready to get the most out of digital marketing. There are several important aspects that are very important in digital marketing, focused mainly on creating a brand and taking advantage of the cyber-space to generate more sales opportunities

The image says it all

Graphic design is one of the most important points in the definition of online marketing, It is not just about creating an image for a banner. Graphic design covers the planning and distribution of ideas using visual and text content. In other words, it is the strategy definition of how we want to communicate our message.

In marketing, graphic design is responsible for creating a certain way, the face of our company to the reader. As in a real world stores, designers do their job to decorate the shelves to attract customer into their stores.

At the visual level, graphic design in the part of the promotion must draw attention so that the user generates visits to our website. The more visits, the more possibilities of sales will exist. But once the user is on our page, the graphic design that we use, in terms of colors, images, types of letters, etc. also has an impact on making the user feel comfortable and liked so that he can really stay on our website.

Effective triumph: SEO

In case you do not know, SEO are acronyms that correspond to “Search Engine Optimization”, and it is important because it is one of the factors that allow your content to be found by users.

SEO translates into complying with a series of rules, based on how search engines like Google works, so that a page can be positioned in search results. I bet you that when you search for something in Google, the sites you usually visit are the ones that appear on the first page of results or even up to the first 3 pages. The pages that are in those positions are called “Ranks” and they are not in those positions because Google selected them at randomly.

The problem with SEO is that Google and the other search engines usually change their algorithms or formula to generate those rankings, and the truth is that nobody can tell for sure the real formula they use. This algorithm is increasingly complicated and involves many factors that include the country you are looking for, how long you have created a domain, how many pages of content a website has, how many external pages do you reference, and stop counting, because even artificial intelligence techniques must be getting into him now.

What you do know is that content is one of the most important aspects to consider in SEO, because content is what users are looking for. So having good articles on your website and generating content frequently is the best way for your website to gain more positioning.

The blessed social networks

Social networks are one of the causes of diseases associated with mobile phones, because of the level of addiction that may be generated in some people. But at the same time they are so popular that it is necessary to have a profile in the most important ones such as Facebook, Tiwtter, etc. if we want to promote a brand and let you know.

In digital marketing, social networks are so important that it is not enough to just have a profile in each of them. Success in social networks is tied precisely to how we execute our digital marketing strategy, generating content or publications frequently, encouraging the audience to interact with us, answering questions. In general, make the brand have an image of respect in the community.

Such is the level of work that can be in social networks, that there is the position of “Community Manager”, which aims to serve the different social networks of a large company of followers

A good way to learn

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What do you think of these points? Do you agree? Do you work in any of these areas?

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