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If you are looking for information about Wealthy Affiliate in other languages other than English, I’m sorry to tell you this: Wealthy Affiliate is currently available only in English.  You can find reviews in several languages as the Wealthy Affiliate Community is huge.  But the official language to use on their site is English.

Wealthy Affiliate for Other Countries

We can not say that it is designed as a multi-language site, but this does not prevent users from countries all over the world to register and use it.

If you know English (and I guess you do!), you can join for free, and start using the different benefits it offers, especially the training and tips that teach you how to create your own online business doing what you like the most.

Affiliate Program with Steroids

If you still do not know what an affiliate program is, I’ll explain it in a simple way: it’s a mechanism used by companies to promote and attract new buyers, whether they buy products or services. These companies pay their affiliates a certain percentage of all successful sales that have been promoted or initiated by that affiliate.

Companies like Amazon, eBay, Jimdo, SharpSpring, Wealthy Affiliate, among others, offer this type of affiliate programs, allowing people who generate internet traffic through web pages, blogs, videos, tweets, etc, to promote articles or services to earn commissions, For this reason you see so much content on web  like “The Top X of products” of a certain type, or analysis of  certain service. These kinds of articles, usually have links to navigate to get more information or buy those products/services.

As the name implies, Wealthy Affiliate (WA), is a tool for people that want do Affiliate Marketing, but it goes much further in terms of the services. It includes all the training and tools you need to establish your own online business or become an expert in digital marketing. What I mean, is that once you have this knowledge, you can use it to offer marketing services, either as an advisor or with a regular job.

Online business university

One of the main attractions of Wealthy Affiliate is the online training in terms of the Affiliate Program and Internet Marketing, as well as the community of users that is active 24 hours a day and which serves as a common support since all of them are focused on the same.

Wealthy Affiliate training

Among the things you can learn in WA, are:

  • How to determine your niche or audience. What public do you want to offer your products or services? There are more than 3 billion people with Internet access, and it may look like there is a lot of competition, but there is always an audience or group of people who may be interested in something that you can offer.
  • Details about affiliate programs, such as selecting a good affiliate program that is aligned with the niche or audience. How to promote these products and services to earn money or how to promote your own products or services
  • How to create and earn money by creating a website, guides, and tips to generate content for your site, how to make your site have and have a ranking in search engines like Google
  • Mechanisms to promote and sell anything on the Internet, through different media such as social networks, online advertising, among others
  • How to take advantage of the traffic generated by your website to generate revenue through advertising with companies such as Google AdSense or Media.net
  • How to generate income through WA’s own referred program, where they will pay commissions for each new user who registers.

Tools to succeed

Wealthy Affiliate offers several tools that will help you to build your online business:


It is one of the best things that Wealthy Affiliate offers. If you are a  newbie who does not know anything about Digital Marketing or someone who has certain knowledge. The content is very well organized to guide you through the concepts and first steps, with guided tasks that encourage you to take action on your own business.

The training content is composed of different formats:

  • Classrooms organized and divided into different topics
  • Questions and answers periods
  • Tutorial training videos
  • Live training every week (webinars)
  • Task-based courses
  • Interactive discussions with the community
  • Do you think it’s good? Actually, it is and that is only part of everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Keyword tool

It is a tool that lets you know how much competition a phrase has in the search engines so you can know the potential it has to generate traffic. This is is one of the primary tools used to create Content Marketing for any site.Jaaxy

Free hosting

To create your web pages using WordPress. 2 free sites and if you are a premium user you can have up to 50 different websites to cover different niches. You do not have to worry about increasing the size or capacity of your hosting, Wealthy Affiliate will take care of that.

Content manager

Content is king, and that is what makes it possible for visitors to visit your site, and the better content you offer, the more opportunities to generate traffic you will have. Wealthy Affiliates offers you tools to manage and set goals for the content you generate. The content manager can recommend you approximately how many words, paragraphs, and sections your articles can have

The good and bad

The good:

  • Live help for the community through chat. At any time there are online people willing to help and guide you if you have any concerns or doubts
  • The training with the videos and documents are of excellent quality and allow you to understand easily. Classes with videos also include step-by-step documents that can be translated with Google Translator if you do not know English
  • 2 free websites included for you to start publishing content in your area of interest. Much more if you are a premium user
  • Articles, documents, tutorials, audios, videos and much more information concentrated on a single site and created by people looking for the same as you
  • Free of spam. You will not find anyone trying to sell you another service
  • Free for life or until you decide to upgrade to premium
  • Opportunities to generate additional money when referring other users to register in WA
  • Interact with people from all over the world who already have the experience of having changed their way of life when creating their online business

The bad:

  • The content is only available in English and the videos do not have subtitles. For people who are determined to succeed this is not a limitation because as I mentioned, there are options to translate the texts
  • There is so much information to assimilate that you might feel overwhelmed. It is necessary to focus and go slowly defining priorities.

Earn Money with no Investment

It is right! To start using Wealthy Affiliate you do not have to invest any money. You can create a free account, fill out your profile and start your training immediately, including 2 websites totally free.

In addition to the 2 free sites, the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate includes access to the community of experts and other people through chat, questions, and discussions. Access to 2 courses that will allow you to have the initial knowledge of marketing to start your online business.

The free membership also allows you to participate immediately in the referral program, with which you would earn commissions for people who join the Wealthy Affiliate Premium service through your pages. “Premium service”, surely you must be thinking: “I knew there was something hidden behind” … well …yes… and it is the best of all.

The premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate allows you to access all the additional potential that WA offers, including 25 websites with personalized domains and 25 websites with the domain of free sites. Complete access to all training courses, tool to analyze search keywords, more templates, and options for your websites, private messages among community participants, double in lifetime commissions for new members, travel to Las Vegas with all expenses paid if you achieve a certain referral goal. All this for $49 a month.

If you think it’s a lot of money, maybe your monthly income goal is currently to achieve $ 100 or $ 200 per month. But when your goal is to achieve at least 4 digits, you will see that it is really super economic for everything you receive in return.

My personal recommendation is that you create a free account so that you can check by yourself if this community can help you to achieve your goals, you will not lose anything. On the contrary, you will gain a lot of experience only with available training, the tips for creating content, keywords and the hosting of 2 free websites. If it does not convince you, you simply gained experience.

[Create your FREE account HERE]

Final opinion

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best options currently available to have a training in Internet Marketing and create your own online business, whatever you want to promote or sell. Whether you buy the premium membership or not, at Wealthy Affiliate, you have the ability to learn a lot and put it into practice with your own initiatives or different service providers.

Special Promotion!: When creating your free account, I will get a special offer and bonus. If you upgrade your account to premium in the first 7 days, you will have a 59% discount in the first month of premium membership. Additionally, I will give you access to important information and tips that will help you accelerate your training and how to create content.



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